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Here is info about "An Open Spectrum Reader" which I've printed (20 copies, 100 pages each) and will bring to London for distribution at the Dana Centre event. Total printing cost was 6000 Czech crowns, which translates into a price of 7.50 pound per copy (including the 30 pence credit card processing). If OSI can cover the cost then we can give them away. Here is the table of contents, which includes links to where they can be downloaded on the Internet:

“World Regulator Summit Endorses Unlicensed Spectrum” by Howard Buskirk, Communications Daily, 14 December 2004

“Open Spectrum: The New Wireless Paradigm” by Kevin Werbach
Spectrum Series Issue Brief #6, New America Foundation, 1 October 2002

“Open Spectrum: A Path to Ubiquitous Connectivity” by Robert J. Berger
ACM Queue, May 2003

“Spectrum Framework Review: A consultation on Ofcom’s views as to how radio spectrum should be managed” (excerpts), UK Offfice of Communications,
23 November 2004

“Open Spectrum UK’s comments for Ofcom’s ‘Spectrum Framework Review’ consultation” (excerpts), Open Spectrum UK, 15 February 2005

“Unlicenced Creativity,” a collection of news items from the news feed, March-May 2005

“The legitimacy of licence requirements for the use of wireless communications devices,” an analysis by Article 19, May 2005 (not online yet)

“Supercommons: Toward a Unified Theory of Wireless Communication” (excerpts) by Kevin Werbach, Texas Law Review, volume 82, (March 2004)

“Background Paper: Advanced Wireless Technologies and Spectrum Management,” by Taylor Reynolds, Workshop on Radio Spectrum Management for a Converging World (16-18 February 2004), International Telecommunication Union

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